Michał Rozmys finished eighth in the 1500m and broke his life record at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Michai Rosemes

Getty Images / NurPhoto / Pictured: Michał Rozmys

Michai Rosmi’s life record so far is 3:34.96. All twelve remaining participants entered this final race with better results in their careers than those of the Pole.

Rozmys, however, defeated a few higher ranked competitors. He finished the first lap in third place, and in the middle of the race he was seventh. Ultimately, the 2019 Wuhan Military World Games gold medalist placed eighth and broke his life record of 3:32.67.

Jacob Ingbrigtsen took the lead in the first kilometre. Later, the pace was set for a long time by 2019 World Championship gold medalist Timothy Cheriot. The Norwegian beat the Kenyan at home in a row and broke the Olympic record by 3:28.32. Previous was 3:31.65. Cheruiyot took the silver with a time of 3:29.01. Josh Kerr of Great Britain won the bronze medal (3:29.05).

Rosemes became the third ranked pole in the top eight at the Olympic Games at 1,500 metres. In 1964, Witold Baran was sixth. In 1976, Henrik Sordikovsky completed VII.

Jacob Ingbrigtsen (Norway)
2 – Timothy Cheruiyot (Kenya)
3 – Josh Kerr (Great Britain)

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