• She – “the people’s girl” and he – the Danish prince, reside in Australia in disguise. Seems like a description of a romantic comedy, right? But this story has already happened. Its heroes were the Danish heir to the throne, Prince Frederick, and an Australian girl from a British immigrant family, Mary Donaldson.
  • “When we first met, we shook hands. I didn’t know he was the Prince of Denmark. Half an hour later someone came up to me and said, ‘Do you know who these people are?'” – She described the first meeting with my future husband
  • Mary Donaldson and Prince Frederick had to overcome many adversities – from thousands of miles apart, to court pacts and the reluctance of the Danish royal family. However, the lovers got their way. They recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary and still couldn’t take their eyes off each other
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Mary Donaldson She lived peacefully among close family and friends in Australia, thousands of kilometers from Europe. Even in her wildest dreams, she would never have imagined that they would call her a “princess.”

– He admitted his embarrassment immediately after the engagement.

However, her life completely turned out from what was planned. “Man plans God to joke about her” – Says the Jewish proverb. So let’s see how fate made fun of Mary Donaldson. It all started at the Sydney Olympics. At that time, I met in a bar at the Slip Inn two Danish fans – Frederick and Joachim.

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Mary Donaldson and Prince Frederick met at the Sydney Olympics

To Marie and her friends, these Danes may be fun and good-looking, but they are simply ordinary. Little did they know that in Europe they could not lead a “normal” life. It just so happened that Frederick, who was 32 years old, and his brother Joachim, who was a year younger than him, had a different life from their peers in Denmark because of their childhood. They were born as the children of the royal couple – Queen Margaret II and Prince Henry.

They came to Sydney in September 2000 to support the Danes during the Olympic Games that were being held at the time.. They were accompanied by their birth relatives, incl. Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise and Greek princes Pavlos and Nicholas.

One evening they went to the Slip Inn. Then one of the prince’s friends called his girlfriend Beatrice Tarnovsky. He invited her for a drink. She was supposed to come with her friends. Among them were 28-year-old Mary Donaldson and her roommates.

– Summoned later Mary Donaldson.

Prince Frederick introduced himself to her as unique from Denmark. He and Mary had a great time that evening. They drank beer, ate pizza, laughed and danced. Soon they found a common language. But it was just fun ممتعة. Oh, a nice evening with your newly met friends during Sydney’s overrun of tourists. As a busy songstress, Mary was not looking for a serious relationship. “Unique from Denmark” had a girlfriend – fashion designer, Bettina Odom in his homeland.

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Princess Mary and Prince Frederick

Right after the Olympics in Sydney, they all went their own way. Mary Donaldson took care of her everyday affairs (at that time she was a senior in the advertising agency “Young and Rubicam”), and Prince Frederick returned to Denmark, thousands of kilometers away. However, he couldn’t stop thinking about this beautiful brunette. In 2000, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now, but it helped them communicate. They wrote emails and text messages to each other. Long phone calls started, logistically difficult because of the big time difference, as well as small gifts, such as favorite CDs and movies.

Mary Donaldson will say next.

How did their fate continue? This is not the end of this romantic story.

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