The showjumping finals at the Tokyo Olympics delivered incredible emotions! The favorite from Great Britain was the champion, other medals were won by the Swede and the Dutch.

Łukasz Iwanek

Łukasz Iwanek

Ben Maher

PAP / EPA / MICHAEL REYNOLDS / Pictured: Ben Maher

On Wednesday, at the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, another equestrian final was held. 30 riders and their horses joined the showjumping competition. The basic course turned out to be very demanding and did not forgive mistakes. Six pairs defeated him without any knockouts and without exceeding the time limit, including three from Sweden. They were Henrik von Eckermann on King Edward (time 85.48), Peder Frederickson on All Nin (86.77) and Malin Baryard Johnson on Indiana (87.22).

The first place was taken by Dutchman Michael van der Ploten and Bovel Z (85.31), and the third was the winner in the elimination, Briton Ben Maher in the W blast (85.67). The Japanese Daisuke Fukushima and Chanyon ranked sixth (87.57). The Irish, Sian O’Connor and Kilkenny, the British Scott Brash and Jefferson slightly exceeded the norm (after 88.45).

When it came to travel time, Nevados’ Belgian Gregory Wathelet, a Polish horse, was the best. However, this couple had once.

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Six of the best showjumping specialists took part in the decisive match. The drama that took place was huge, because everyone drove clean cars, and again the key was time. The British giant showed his masterful skills. Maher won the gold (37.85), and the silver fell to Fredrickson (38.02). Van der Vleuten grabbed the bronze medal (38.90). The following places were taken by van Eckermann (39.71), Baryard-Johnsson (40.76) and Fukushima (43.76).

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Britain enjoyed the gold medal in the second consecutive session. Five years ago, Nick Skelton won in Rio de Janeiro. He was then 58 years old. He ended his career in 2017.

The format of this competition changed for the first time since 1992. Instead of three qualifying rounds and two final rounds, there was only one in each stage. Only three riders from one country can appear, not four (this will have a greater impact on team competition).

There were no poles at the start of the showjumping. They have won two medals in the past. In 1924 in Paris, Adam Krulkevich beat Picador the bronze. In 1980 in Moscow, Jan Kowalczyk was painted on Artemor with gold.

The last riding competition will be played, the team jumped. The qualifiers will take place on Friday and the final is scheduled for Saturday.

Ranking of medals in individual showjumping:

place player horse time
1. Ben Maher (UK blast w 37.85
2. Peder Frederiksen (Switzerland) all in 38.02
3. Michael van der Vleuten (Netherlands) Bofill Z 38.90

You can see all the final results over here.

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