Additional time was needed to determine the Olympic champion in the fairway. A fierce battle between the two Czechs continued until the last moment. In the end, Jerry Liptak won the first gold medal of his career.

Matthews Kozaniki

Matthews Kozaniki

Jerry Liptak

Getty Images/Kevin C. Cox/Pictured: Jerry Liptak

The trap is a sports shooting competition. Racers use smooth-bore hunting rifles. During the competition, they shoot ceramic darts that the machine shoots at different angles.

Six competitors qualified for the finals. This group included representatives from the Czech Republic and one player each from Mexico, Great Britain, China and Kuwait.

The competition was dictated by the Czechs. In the end, it turned out that both Jerry Liptak and David Kostelecki had 43 points each. It was necessary to spend extra time.

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Up front was Liptak, who defeated Kostelecki who was leading almost all the time by one point. Matthew Coward Holly of Great Britain was on the lowest step on the podium.

For Liptak, it’s the first Olympic medal of his career. To date, he took part in the Olympic Games once – in London (2012). It ranked eighteenth there.

Of the 29 contenders who entered the competition, there were no Poles.

The men’s trap medalists:
1. Jerry Liptak (Czech Republic) – 43 + 7
2. David Kostelecki (Czech Republic) – 43 + 6
3. Matthew Cord Holly (Great Britain) – 33

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