Hubert Hurkacz played his second singles match at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday. Pole was clearly a favourite in the match against Liam Brody, but he did not show his full skills. It was a disappointing day for our tennis player.

Łukasz Iwanek

Hubert Hurkacz

PAP / Leszek Szymański / Pictured: Hubert Hurkacz

Nobody expects that! Hubert Hurkacz (ATP 12) on Tuesday waited for the second match of the 32nd Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and his opponent was Liam Brody (ATP 143), who ranked 137th in the standings. The Pole was the favorite of the match, but suffered a stunning defeat 5:7, 6:3, 3:6.

The beginning of the premiere did not announce a huge surprise. Hurkacz explore the opponent’s abilities and prepare for many long exchanges. Later, the Pole picked up the pace and dominated the field. In the fourth game, Brody double-faulted. He attacked the pole from the bottom of the field and showed effective tennis on the net. Later on, our representative was strangely lethargic, his kicks were jerky, he was passive and had more and more problems keeping the ball on the court.

In the seventh inning, Hurkacz gave a pass (from 40 to 15), when he threw a backhand after a good return to his opponent. The pole was discarded, and only the service kept him in the game, but that was the case for a while. Brady ran around the field as if inspired, changed directions, and admired his toughness at the finish line and his wit at the net. However, Hurkacz, who was hitting the court and making poor decisions, let him in too much. In the eleventh inning, the pole was broken. At the breaking point, he decided to desperately go to the net, but the Briton easily bypassed him. Brady may have finished the group with a favour.

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The defeat in the first edition made our delegate nervous. In the first matches of the second set, Hurkacz often went to the net looking for a quicker point finish. These weren’t always ready-made moves, but the most important thing was that the Pole watched the pass and stayed in the game. He waited for hard times and had a chance. In the eighth inning, I kicked the forehand at the right moment and the break was 5:3 a fact. Then there were three missed set pieces and a second pass service attack that allowed him to capitalize on the fourth opportunity.

But the victory in the second batch did not improve Hurkacz’s mood. As Brody left the field to take advantage of the toilet break, the Pole nervously waited for his opponent’s return. After the game resumed, the service disaster for the tycoon occurred. In the second half, Huobi was unable to make the first pass. The British played the exchanges brilliantly. At the break point, he showed a great half-ball and came out in 2:0. Then the left tennis player got two break points in the fourth game, but our representative saved himself. However, there was no doubt about returning to the game. Brody kept his nerves in check and in the ninth game he used the first play ball with a backhand winning streak.

In a match that lasted two hours and 12 minutes, Hurkacz sent 16 aces, but were broken three times. Our representative got two break points and used both. Brady scored seven more points. The Pole made 28 unintentional fouls and the British made 16 of them.

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For Hurkacz, who reached the Wimbledon semi-finals this year, this is the end of his performance at the Tokyo Olympics. Earlier, the player was eliminated from Wrocław and his partner Łukasz Kubot in the first round of doubles. Prodi, the quarter-final winner, will battle France’s Jeremy Chardy on Wednesday.

Olympic Games, Tokyo (Japan)
Ariaki Tennis Park, hard court
Tuesday 27 July

Second round of men’s singles match:

Liam Brody (UK) beat Hubert Hurkacz (Poland, 7) 7-5 3-6, 6-3

Tokyo Olympics 2020 schedule and results

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