The all-around riding competition at the Tokyo Olympics ended with a historic victory for the German Amazon. The Poles in the team took thirteenth place.

Łukasz Iwanek

Julia Kragoski

PAP / EPA / Pictured: Julia Kragowski

The final day of competition in events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games made many great impressions. Julia Kragowski won gold individually over Amande De B’Neville, a historic achievement. No woman has ever won this three-part competition (dressage, cross-country, showjumping). Germany won the tournament at the fourth consecutive Olympic Games. Krajewski joined forces with Hinrich Romeike (Beijing 2008) and Michael Jung (London 2012, Rio de Janeiro 2016).

Monday’s German Amazon was flawless in the first round of jumps, in the second only taking a 0.40 penalty point for slightly overtaking the time allowed. Briton Oliver Townend got one drop each for the Ballaghmor Class and eventually fell from first place (conducted after field testing) to fifth. 12 penalty points saw her compatriot Laura Collette (London 52) drop from third to ninth.

However, Great Britain has an individual medal, which was performed by Tom McQueen and Toledo de Quercere. In two rounds of jumping they only got 0.40 penalty points. Andrew Hoy and Vasili de Lassus finished seventh after the field test. The 62-year-old Australian in showjumping was absolutely flawless and took the bronze. Japan’s Kazuma Tomoto was on Vinci de la Vin behind the podium. Michael Jong is only eighth.

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In the first round of vaulting (25 contestants were promoted to the final round) only one pole participated. Jan Kaminsky was on the Gara River. He ranked 29th with 9.2 points. Małgorzata Cybulska was eliminated after the field trial due to the loss of one element from the group. Joanna Paulak’s Fantastic Frieda mare lost a horse and did not pass the veterinary examination, so the Polish Amazon was unable to participate in the final part of the Eventing individually.

As a team, the Germans had no reason to be happy, because they took fourth place. On Monday, they had three flawless jumps (excluding Krajewski and Jung, as well as Sandra Auffarth), but their losses after dressage and cross-country testing were pretty high. And the unparalleled Great Britain won gold. Australia won the silver and France won the bronze.

In the field trial, Poland received 200 penalty points, due to the disqualification of Małgorzata Cybulska and Chenaro 2. In the exhibition jump for the team classification, the Polish Amazon made two-hurdles and took eight penalty points. Jan Kamiński got 2 points and also got 1.20 for time passing. The inability to perform Pawlak cost our team an additional 100 points. In the end, Poland took 13th place (479.80) out of the 15th team.

Medal classification in individual competition:

place player a horse penalty point
1. Julia Kragowski (Germany) Almond de Banville 26.00
2. Tom McQueen (Great Britain) Toledo de Kercier 29.30
3. Andrew Howe (Australia) Vasili de Lassus 29.60

Team Championship Medal Ranking:

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