Today, the group stage of the field hockey tournament ended. Australian and Dutch women can boast of complete victories and first places in the groups.

Group “A” won, as the Dutch expected. Today, the orange team lost to the Germans in a successful match, which also did not experience the bitterness of defeat so far, and had a similar goal. However, the two goals did not reflect the advantage of the Dutch, who dominated the events on the field. It looks like it will be hard to stop them on their way to gold. The question of qualifying for the quarter-finals was decided by fourth place (the British were sure to finish third) in the India and South Africa matches, by throw-on-the-bar, with a one-goal win by the Indian women and United. Kingdom-Ireland, where the Irish women needed a full set of points, but they clearly lost to the British 0:2.

The Australians beat Argentina 2-0 today, in a similarly convincing fashion to the Netherlands. The Australians also finished the group stage without losing a point, and perhaps they are the only ones who can stop the Netherlands. Perhaps the Spanish women won the day with Japan, who had no chance of leaving the group. A marginally better goal difference with the same number of points allowed the team from the Iberian Peninsula to beat the Argentines. The stake in the match between China and New Zealand was the fourth place in the group, and the Asian players had to score high victories. They scored all the points, but only one goal difference, which turned out to be insufficient. The New Zealanders were in the top eight at the Olympics.

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Quarter-final pairs list:

Netherlands – New Zealand

Spain – Great Britain

Germany – Argentina

Australia – Indie

Results and tables

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