Incredible times were achieved in the 4km Team Investigations race on Tuesday at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Pictured from left to right: Charlie Tanfield and Frederick Madsen

PAP / EPA / CHRISTOPHER JUE / Pictured left to right: Charlie Tanfield and Frederick Madsen

Since the 2016 Olympics, the women’s team achievement world record has been 4:10,236. In Monday’s qualifying session in Tokyo, three teams had better times. On Tuesday’s first round, it was even better – 5 teams led under 4min 10sec.

Great Britain scored 4:06748 and the Germans scored 4:06166 (4:07.307 the day before). The final was not violent – the Germans certainly won (4: 04.242 – 4: 10.607). Franziska Prause, Lisa Brenauer, Lisa Klein and Mick Krueger during two days of track competition in Tokyo improved three world records.

The Americans took the third step (4:08,040). The current world champion won with Canada (4:10.552).

Cosmic times also fell into the struggle of men. During the 2020 World Championships, the Danes set three world records in the team sprint to investigate the men who won the final with a score of 3:44,672. In the third duel of the round of Tuesday, the two teams involved in this confrontation were faster. Italy’s Filippo Gana, Simone Consone, Jonathan Milan and Francesco Lamon scored 3:42,307, while New Zealanders Aaron Jett, Campbell Stewart, Reagan Gauff and Jordan Kilby scored 3:42,397.

In the end, the best Danes in Monday’s qualifiers presented themselves. Lacey Norman Hansen, Niklas Larsen, Friedrich Madsen and Rasmus Pedersen were on the verge of regaining the world record, in the third kilometer they had an advantage of 1153 seconds over the Italians. Also in the final race, jockeys from Great Britain broke up and were about to roll. Charlie Tanfield suffered losses. An unusual situation occurred on the last lap. Fore, looked down, Madsen Tanfield missed, there was a crash and a fall. The Danes met the British and in this case the current world champions – despite that breakdown – advanced to Wednesday’s final.

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Team race for women’s investigations:
1. Franziska Brausse, Lisa Brennauer, Lisa Klein, Mieke Kroeger (Niemcy)
2. Laura Kinney (Trutt), Katie Archibald, Nea Evans, Josie Knight, Elinor Parker (Great Britain)
3. Jennifer Valenti, Chloe Dygert, Lily Williams, Emma White, Megan Gastrap (US)

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