China once again won the gold medal in synchronized water diving from a three-meter-high platform. In the men’s competition, the Asians were ahead of the Americans and Germans, who wrestled with the Mexicans at the last minute.

David Frank

David Frank

: Wang Zongyuan oraz Xie Siy

Getty Images / An Lingjun / CHINASPORTS / VCG / Pictured: Wang Zongyuan and Xie Siy

The final competition in the men’s three-meter synchronized jump had been imposed by the Chinese from the start. Zongyuan Wang and Xie Siyi both followed in the footsteps of their teammates who had dominated the women’s competition.

This time the winners had a 23-point advantage over the second team, the Americans.

Before the final series of jumps, the bronze seemed to be for the Mexicans. But the Germans fought to the end and took the Olympic medal with an excellent attempt. Patrick Houseding and Lars Rudiger were only four points ahead of the Mexican duo.

Results of men’s simultaneous diving into the water from a three-meter springboard:
1. Chiny (Zongyuan Wang, Xie Siyi) 467,82 pkt.
2. USA (Andrew Capobianco, Mike Hixon) 444
3. Niemcy (Patrick Houseding, Lars Rüdiger) 404
4. MEXIC (Huerta Castillo, Celaya Hernandez) 400
5. Japonia (Sho Sakai, Ken Terauchi) 393,93
6. Włochy (Lorenzo Marsaglia, Giovanni Tocci) 388.05
7. United Kingdom (Daniel Goodfellow, Jack Luger) 382.80
8. ROC (Evgeny Kuznetsov, Nikita Schleicher 08.331)

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