RT, the former Russia Today, may be denied a British licence. The Minister of Digitization requested the local regulator An overview of the channel’s activity.

Russia is already today She said goodbye to viewers in Germany. Our western neighbors were not only denied access to the channel, but were also prevented from broadcasting the German version of the station on the network. This was justified by spreading misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now Britain is on the channel. The reason for the possible withdrawal of the station’s license is likely to be very different than in Germany. finally In the context of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, we are witnessing increasing disinformation from the Kremlin’s media. Both in Russia and abroad, viewers are flooded with incorrect information.

Russia Today is the Kremlin’s international propaganda spokespersonViews have been presented for years very close to the way Vladimir Putin views reality. This was noted by Labor leader Keir Starmer, who said it was for Putin “Russia Today is his personal propaganda tool. I see no reason to continue broadcasting it in our country”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Nadine Dorries, the UK minister for digitization, culture, media and sport, had asked the local regulator to verify the operation of the station.. “We live in a democracy and we live in a country that believes in freedom of speech and I think it is important that we leave that decision to Ofcom. [regulator rynku telekomunikacyjnego i medialnego w Wielkiej Brytanii]And not politicians, because that’s what Russia does.”

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Some British politicians defend Russia today

RT.com quotes Peter Forda former British diplomat said that banning Russia Today in his country was an attempt to give the Russian-Ukrainian conflict a “one-sided narrative”. On the other hand Ken LivingstonThe longtime Mayor of London said: “I watch RT every day – I’ve never seen propaganda, never seen lies”. At the same time, he claims that he has not seen a single British news channel that tells the truth about the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border. He also defended the decision to seize Crimea by Russia and complained that the local media had avoided it.

Although broadcasting in Russia Today is banned in Germany, the station can still be watched online because its owner ridiculed the ban by the German Authorization and Supervision Commission.

RT news channel was launched in late 2005. The state-controlled and Russian-funded station has been renamed RT, but its goal of informing international audiences of recent events from the Kremlin’s perspective remains unchanged. Initially, it was an English language channel, but now it also broadcasts in Arabic, Spanish, French and, in theory, in German as well.