“Only one thing doesn’t change: REEF always wins” – March This is how he describes 14 Roland Garros titles and 22 Grand Slam titles. On the side menu, there are things that have happened since he won his first Roland Garros tournament in 2005:

  • There were two popes
  • Spain had two kings, three prime ministers, 104 ministers, and 8 sports ministers
  • The United States had five presidents [czterech – przyp. red.]
  • Diesel was still 0.78 euros per liter
  • We went through a pandemic and Britain left the European Union
  • There was no Android or iPhone
  • Simeone and Guardiola were still players
  • Iniesta has not appeared for the first time with the national team yet
  • Spain is not yet the world champion in football or basketball
  • Usain Bolt hasn’t landed less than 10 seconds over the 100m so far
  • Fernando Alosno has never won a Formula 1 championship and Marc Marquez has not even made his 125cc debut.
  • Our country has had 76 fewer Olympic medals
  • 41 teams passed through Primera División
  • Cristiano and Messi have not won any of their 12 Ballon d’Ors so far, and Spanish football has not won any of the 10 European Leagues. [9 Pucharów Europy lub 9 Lig Europy – przyp. red.].

Below in the royal section: Laso recovers from heart attack – Madrid basketball coach underwent cardiac catheterization and is in stable condition.

aside: Inigo Martinez saves Spain in the 90th minute – Jaffe became his youngest goalscorer larogy; Messi shines with Argentina – scored five goals Estonia. Also below: Hit on Ipurui, Girona will play to upgrade to Primera from Tenerife; Wales return to the World Cup after 64 years – Bale heading to Qatar.

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as such
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“Raphael XIV – King of the Sun” – as suchreferring to the historical King Louis XIV, states that Roland Garros still scored 14th after beating Roode 6-3, 6-3, 6-0 in the final. The Spaniard won the 22nd Grand Slam title, two ahead of Federer and Schokovic. “I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will keep fighting. I never believed I would be here at 36, still working as a competitor.” Collage on the side: 8 opponents for 14 titles in Paris – Federer and Wukovic lost in 7 finals to Rafa in Paris.

On the side in the Royal Division: Pablo Laso had a heart attack – and the Real Madrid basketball coach is still out of danger.

Also on the side: Inigo Martinez saved the point in the 90th minute – his goal avoided defeat after a bad match for Spain – Gavi, the youngest scorer in La Rugge’s history; Quartararo leaves Aleix without a prize – a fatal mistake that costs the Spaniard second in the MotoGP race.

Mundo Deportivo
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“22 Grand Slam tournaments / 14 Roland Garros” – Mundo Deportivo Briefly describing Nadal who crushed Rawda 6-3, 6-3, 6-0 in the Paris final and cemented himself as the best tennis player ever.

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“everlasting” – sports Rafa Nadal points to his 14th record at Roland Garros after Ruud knocked him off the court in three sets. Tennis player Majorcan plans to continue playing: “I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will fight to continue playing.”

Top: La Roja saves the point in the 90th minute – Jaffe scored the first goal in a match where Spain deserved better. Below: The great achievement of Girona, who is still dreaming; Barcelona handball player wins the King’s Cup; Joventut tied for the semi-final series with the Barcelona basketball team; Quartararo dominated the MotoGP Speedway in Montmelo.

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Plus columns on: Nadal’s greatest of the greats; Nadalu and Messim, unique cases in sports; Barcelona and life in the Matex.