Raku’s new moon helps deepen relationships with your home. In the meantime, it is worth spending time cooking, cleaning or collecting wild herbs in the garden, which are especially strong in June. Feel the morning dew under your feet and enjoy the pleasant state on the ground. This is a chance to heal the wounds of the past once and for all.

Cancer New Moon 2022 – Miracles Happen

The moon loves to be in Cancer. He feels at home in it. It gains energy and sends strong vibrations towards us without any disturbance. In astrology, the new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. It’s a breath of fresh air that motivates you to take action. this year New Moon in Raku It will peak on June 28. On this day, we will unconsciously begin another spiritual chapter. So let’s open up about the great potential that will envelop our space in a moment. Appreciate sudden changes, impending endings, and opportunities. Let’s trust that the universe is taking care of us now.

The new moon is the phase when everything is possible. This is the best time of the month to set new intentions and implement your dream scenarios.

Imagine this new moon Gateway to the life of your dreams. While you’re there, think about how you want to feel, what you want to achieve, and where you want to be in six months. Raku’s new moon will make you very sensitive, making you connect with your intuition. Your feelings will become a compass pointing you in the right direction.

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Black Moon in Lilith – Great Challenge

Note, because there will be a rare new moon in June Black Moon in Lilith. This aspect represents the liberating femininity that is suppressed by social norms today. It is at this point that we discover the power of the alpha female within us. Particular emphasis will be placed here on our sexual attractiveness, desire and opposition to the expectations of men. If you hide in the shadows, feel small, or leave something for others, this new moon will help you understand the source of your frustration and inner blockages. Now you will be able to beat them. Cancer, like the ruling water, symbolizes purity and clarity.

A Cancer New Moon with a Black Moon will stir up waves of emotions and throw uncomfortable truths ashore. We will receive new insights about ourselves.

New Moon Rituals in Cancer

In this new moon, Cancer will be our guide. This will help us cope with difficult emotions, and at this stage it is worth performing a ritual that takes into account our inner feelings. The days after the new moon will ask us to protect our energy, set boundaries, and practice self-care. The exercise below is best done anytime between July 24-30.

You will need:

  • Incense to clean space
  • Mirror
  • paper and pen


1. Light the incense. Smoke yourself first, then smoke your surroundings. While doing this, you can read the following formula:

“From the top of my head to my toes, I charge my energy field. My body gains strength again. My light shines like millions of suns. I feel the calm that flows from my soul through my eyes, my words and my smile. I awaken my inner goddess.”

As you clean up your surroundings, read these words:

“From ceiling to floor, this room is devoid of all energies that no longer serve my well-being. My space is now filled with love, harmony, joy, healing, and abundance. Blessed are all who find themselves in it including.”

2. After a while, say something nice to yourself. Just express out loud how you feel at the moment. Be kind and cheerful. Give yourself some motivation. Recognize the pain you may be feeling inside for a while. Make sure your “I” sounds audible. If nothing positive comes to your mind, write the following mantra:

“You are a loving, radiant, wonderful being. I have been through so much and seen so much. You are adept at handling any obstacle you encounter. There is nothing you cannot jump over. I am with you. I see you, I hear you and I love you. We do not always know how to show it, but I am you, You are me, and we are one together. I will always be here for you to support you no matter what. I don’t care if you do something wrong or right. I trust and believe in you. I know you will always get where you want to be.”

3. Write on a piece of paper or in your diary 10 things you can do for yourselfTo surround yourself with care and care. Let it be something that will symbolically “feed” your body, mind and soul. I hope these activities make you feel alive again. In the new moon in Cancer, feed yourself with energy and continue to believe in your cultivated intentions.

Appearances are only achieved when you truly believe in them and there is balance within you. Keep this in mind and spend the New Moon in Cancer to regain your inner strength.