In the Karnal region of Queen Louise Adet, the first edition of the Barbórkowe fair will open today: BarbórkoweLOVE. A three-day festival, dedicated to St. Barbara is an event that is maintained in a non-standard convention, combining tradition and modernity. Thanks to the collaboration with a visual artist, the area itself will undergo a process of transformation. Light art installations will appear in the space. The shaft of the mine will also be transformed. The aquarium space will be filled with vending kiosks offering a diverse assortment. Food carts will complete the trade show.

BarborekLOVE Official Opening will take place on Friday 3rd December at 5.00 PM The exhibition will open with a spectacular event – a concert of 9 pressure and ice bands, which represent the sound of post-rock, jazz, ocean and widely understood alternative, along with the mining orchestra of Wujek Mine. The composers’ compositions are avant-garde pieces, in which there is unpredictability, energy, and madness, combined with the sound of a traditional mining orchestra. On this day, concerts for the stars of the evening will also be held – the bands Betamina and Vito Bambino.

As part of the festival, an exhibition of photographs by Dr. Peter Meshak entitled “Tattoo with Silesia” was held. The exhibition will be accompanied by a valuable tour and promotion of the album edited by Dr. It was attended by nearly 40 people with tattoos, mining and upper Silesian tattoos.

The film proposal was prepared jointly with Silesia Film and Cinema Kosmos. Screening of the movie “The Stars” dir. Jan Kidawa-Błoński will also be enriched by a lecture and discussion with invited guests.

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There will also be St. Barbara’s Ice has many workshops. It will include screen printing, audio walks with Marcin Dymiter (field recording), learning to play the trumpet, making cosmetics with activated carbon, etc.

The second day of the fair will focus on the celebration of Saint Peter’s Day. Barbara. The program will include, among other things, a feast, traditional dance workshops with a jig, or a wind marathon. The inn will be taken over by Kapela Fedaków and Parnas Brass Band. In addition, an hour-long private underground road will be dedicated to this event. BarbórkoweLOVE ends with the concerts of Roksana Węgiel and Krzikopy. Singing and traditional instruments (violin and accordion), combined with modern electronic instruments and percussion, make Krzikopa’s music an unprecedented combination, just as in the case of Upper Silesian culture and … BarbórkoweLOVE gallery itself.

All events, except holidays and ticketed trails, are free. Registration is required for the workshops (the number of places is limited).

You can find more information about the BarbórkoweLOVE exhibition Here.