Their story is similar to that shown by James Cameron in his famous movie. But this has already happened. They met on the Titanic – she was a passenger, she was a flight attendant. They loved each other, but the tragedy did not allow them to continue this relationship, because she was the only one who survived. The only remembrance of this meeting was the brooch he gave her. Now this gift has been auctioned for £68,000.

The gift that sold out on April 23 does not look impressive. It is small, has the shape of a star. But his story is unusual. As we read in the information published by the English auction house Henry Aldridge and Son in Devizes, the decoration belongs to Roberta Mayoni, who survived the Titanic disaster. Most importantly, the woman received this brooch during this tragic journey. It was given to her by an unknown flight attendant.

Their story reminds us of that of Jack and Rose from the James Cameron movie. Roberta Mayoni from Norwich when she was 20 years old sailed the famous ocean liner as a maid of the Countess of Ruthes. During the flight, she had an affair with an unknown flight attendant who presented her with a star badge. Robert managed to survive the Titanic disaster, in which most of the passengers and crew, including her lover, were killed. Before that, he managed to find her, warn her, and led her from the cabin to the lifeboat.

According to Andrew Aldridge of Henry Aldridge and Son Auctions, Ms. Mayoni told her family years later what had happened to her on the Titanic – not only about how she survived the disaster, but also about the young stewardess she met during the voyage. However, she kept the details a secret. “She never revealed his name to anyone,” said the auctioneer, “probably because she was already married at the time. But she kept this brooch.”

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Mrs. Mayoni died in 1963. The heirs then sold the brooch along with a telegram and archival note to a certain collector. Now a collector from Great Britain bought these souvenirs for 68 thousand pounds.

Collectors buy Titanic souvenirs and personal belongings for passengers and crew of the ship for large sums of money. The same auction sold a locker key belonging to host Sidney Sedunary for £69,000 and a list from the officers’ room for £90,000. (life PAP)

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Photo materials are available on the auction house’s website