Valkyrie is heading to Apex Legends, and her trailer will appeal to all Titanfall fans. The material confirms the wonderful combination of two IP addresses developed by Respawn Entertainment. We have waited a long time for this moment.

There have been leaks for months, according to which Respawn Entertainment will bring Titanfall and Apex Legends together. Now we have received full confirmation – Both IPs happen in one world. The game will feature Valkyrie and the girl being the daughter of Viper, a former pilot of the Apex Predator.

Already a few days ago there were leaks, accordingly Players will be able to summon giant machines into the Battle Royale arena for a short period And it looks like the proposal will come with a new myth.

“You can also see Kuben Close, known from Titanfall, in the movie. Soon, Valkyrie will join the Apex games, where you’ll be using weapons made from the remains of her Titan father, Polaris.”

She won’t be using a Valkyrie Titan all the time, but using her skills and her father’s technology, she’ll prepare her own outfit. It is he who allows the heroine to compete with other characters during subsequent clashes in Apex Legends.

The full Valkyrie show is yet to come, but today’s materials should awaken expectations for Titanfall fans.