world star File a lawsuit against the company Who organizes the so-called in honor of her songs, but she does it without cooperating with herself. Turner has already won the National Court in CologneBut after the appeal, the National Supreme Court in the same city rejected her claim. Thing trafi³a All the way to the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe, which now has to decide what is more important – the freedom of art or the right to a personal image. Presumably it’s a picture of Tina Turner, even if another woman has already been photographed. for like Application The National Supreme Court has already arrived and this was also the initial position of one of the chambers of the Federal Court of Justice that was hearing the case on Thursday (4/11).

Judge Thomas Koch said at the beginning of the hearing that not only similar facial features were considered important, but also posture and dress. OLG even took into account the singer’s “lion mane” purpose Bearing in mind that the German court, after reading the OLG ruling, has so far tended to consider it correct, Koch said. However, this is not the final decision yet.

Explain that he was shown with a look-alike.

Lawyers from both sides spoke on Thursday. Attorney Tina Turner questioned whether art freedom could be invoked in this case. In her opinion, the image is used only for the purposes of advertising another work of art and should not mislead the public. She also suggested that many people looking at the photo might assume Tina Turner was contributing to the show. “What Mrs. Turner doesn’t like about the whole thing is factThat she wants to have the right to self-determination ”- explained Kirsten Schmidt. She also added that the singer wants to decide for herself whether her name and figure are used for advertising purposes. It has nothing to do with the show.

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“Performance must be properly declared”

In turn, the lawyer representing the organizer said that fans clearly expected some similarity between the main role and Turner herself. But in her opinion, this is not an illusion of truth. She also pointed out the fact that if the show is banned, a big problem will arise, because this could mean banning the so-called “tribute shows”, which are also produced for the benefit of Elvis Presley or the Beatles. It was also presented by Cofo Entertainment, the company that prepared the show with the music of Tina Turner. “If a play as such falls within the realm of freedom of art, it must also be properly advertised. This is through lead actress Bronhild Ackermann, advocate for Kovo Entertainment. She also confirmed that the show is licensed by Gema.”

BGH will now have to decide whether the public has been misled by the posters. Judge Koch stated that Tina Turner officially ended her acting career over 10 years ago and hasn’t announced her comeback, her fans know. Added to this is the fact that at the same time a musical is being shown in Hamburg, in which the star himself collaborated, Means Direct competition for the relevant offer. BGH will announce its decision on February 24, 2022.

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