Short Wave Festival 2022 – Horror Shorts

June 15, 2022 22:00

Event Venue: Rialto Cinema – Poznan, Dąbrowskiego 38

Organizer: Rialto Cinema

Short Waves Festival is the International Short Film Festival, whose 14th edition will take place from 14-19 June 2022 in Poznan and online. June 6 days are 100 events in 20 sites of urban space in Poznan and nearly 300 films, including 89 competing films (5 competitions: international competition, Polish competition, Polish experimental film competition, Urban View competition on architecture, design, cities and their inhabitants Dancing with the camera is about dance, movement, and physical expression enchanted by the camera’s eye). The program also includes entertainment thematic lines, such as Horror, Musical or Queer Pants; A section focusing on the Romanian cinematography of the year or an overview of the short films nominated for the most prestigious film awards; A brand new section, Long Story Short, i.e. screenings of lesser known feature films and short films by great directors, incl. Pedro Almodovar Audiovisual events, music and out-of-the-cinema – outdoor shows, in clubs, galleries or private gardens for Poznan residents under the banner of Random Garden Cinema and more!
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The 14th Short Wave Festival will take place between June 14-19, 2022 in Poznan, Poland and online. 6 days of festivals in June means a spread of 100 film events in the festival’s host city Pozna and nearly 300 films with 89 in competitions alone (5 competitions: International Competition, Polish Experimental Film Polish Competition, Urban View Competition focusing on architecture and design city and Its inhabitants and camera dances focused on the dance, movement and physical expression captured in the watchful eye of the camera). Festival-goers will also enjoy non-traditional performances such as horror, music or shorts; A section that focuses this year on the cinematography of Romania or the review of short films nominated for prestigious awards; A brand new section called Long Story Short features full-length films as well as lesser-known short films by famous directors such as Pedro Almodóvar; Audio-visual and music events, which go beyond the show rooms: open air, clubs, art galleries or Poznanian private gardens known as Random Garden Cinema and much more!
More information in the festival’s social media and on the official website:

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“horror shorts”
As it gets dark and quiet, you may start to feel anxious and your fear will only increase when you sit down to watch the Horror Pants show. And there are five films in it, composed in such a way that you feel the thrill on your back while watching, but also after leaving the show. Get into the dark corners of mysterious images that are cool and scary at the same time. Find interesting details in complex family relationships and think about why the greatest demons are within us…

a program:
Fossil / Belgium 2021 / Animation / 10′
Directed by Anton Kla
Det Er i Jorden (in the soil) / Denmark 2021 / Fabuła / 14′
Directed by Kasper Kielsen
Parents Room / Italy, UK 2021 / Musical / 10′
Directed by Diego Marcon
Amygdala / Greece 2021 / Vabocha / 22′
Directed by Maria Hatzako
The thing that ate the birds / Great Britain 2021 / Fabua / 12′
Directed by Sophie Meyer, Dan Getcham
Rialto Cinema | 06/15/2022 | 22:00 | 90′


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