Polish students won three medals: gold and silver at the 33rd International Olympiad in Informatics – the Ministry of Education and Science announced on Friday. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Olympics were held in remote form.

“A New Window on the Universe”. Poland participated in the construction of the underground telescope

The Einstein Telescope is a project of the first and most advanced European underground gravitational wave observatory in the Third World…

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Won the gold medal Jan Strzeszyński A student in the second year of secondary school, the fourteenth year With them. Stanisław Staszic in Warsaw.

Silver medals won: Anthony Burashevsky A student in the second year of secondary school No. Adam Mickiewicz in Wroclaw and Bartomeg Czarkovsky – A student of the second year of the third secondary general education from the Polish Navy in Gdynia.

Our team consists of four players. Apart from Jan Strzeszyński, Antoni Buraczewski and Bartłomiej Czarkowski, Poland also represented in the competition Daniel Sobonsky – a graduate of the 14th High School in Warsaw.

Prestigious competition

The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) It is the most popular IT competition for students all over the world, It is organized every year. The 33rd Olympiad was held this year from June 19-25, 2021. Singapore was the host country for the event, but due to the pandemic, the competition was held online.

351 players participated. 30 gold, 88 silver, and 81 bronze medals were awarded.

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