We have been informed of the fact that British companies have been struggling with the problem of driver shortages for a long time. Retail chains and courier companies have problems, there is no one to transport building materials to. In short: Drivers are required immediately. These are the consequences of Britain’s exit from the European Union. The UK forced thousands of foreign workers to leave the country after they could not prove they had lived in the country long enough, and placed new potential workers with unmet requirements. This is how it should have ended: no drivers, caregivers for the elderly, blue-collar workers…

Up to 120 thousand people are missing in Poland. drivers

However, Business Insider Polska warns that when it comes to driver demand, we may find ourselves in a similar situation. It is estimated that 120,000 professional drivers could be behind the wheel immediately. Candidates are not attracted by money. Data from the Polish Institute of Road Transport show that in 2020 truck drivers earned an average of 6,211 PLN per hand. Many manage to get more than that, over 7,000. Almost a quarter of the drivers surveyed earn. Often these are people who work in international traffic.

Carriers willingly cooperate with employees from abroad, not only from Belarus or Ukraine, but also from such faraway countries as Nepal or Vietnam.

There are exciting calls in the UK to “save Christmas”, because there are only a few weeks until Christmas, and stores are in trouble on various fronts. The delivery of many goods from Asia is delayed (this is one of the consequences of the epidemic. Chinese ports are operating at a slower pace for several weeks and this was enough to create huge queues of goods for shipment. Moreover, there are no containers, and freight rates have gone up), the procedures make it take longer To import goods from abroad, and there are no drivers who can deliver goods who can actually cross the border.

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Won’t the orders reach the stores?

Could the holidays in our country be “endangered” by the lack of drivers? Business Intelligence interviewers assure you that they are not. Maciej Ptaszyński, vice president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, said he had not received signals about possible supply chain disruptions. First, networks belonging to the Polish Chamber of Commerce have their own fleets. Second: “As retail stores, especially small shops, have dealt with the pandemic, they will be able to deal with other challenges if they arise.”

In turn, Tomasz Czyż of the Inelo Group said it was unlikely that there would be a shortage of goods on the shelves – at most there could be delays in some supply chains.

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