The National Review announces a program developed by a group of Catholics – the podcast “The Bible in a Year”. It has now become the most popular nationwide.

In recent weeks, the podcast has outpaced popular news and crime programs such as The Daily (broadcast by The New York Times), as well as “Crime Junkie” and “The Ben Shapiro Show.” Father Mike, popularly known as Father Mike, heads the Catholic Duluth Group, named after the Ascension Gifts mystery. The group is headquartered in Duluth Parish, Minnesota.

Father Mike, presented. The social networking site Facebook

Each episode of the Bible in a podcast lasts 25 minutes. the father. Schimitz first reads a biblical story, for example from Genesis, and then explains its historical context and theological meaning. Why this sudden interest in the Bible by Internet users? Alexandra de Sanctis, author of National Review, thinks so People were hungry for something greater than the news of a torn world. People yearn for clarity. They are looking for a reality full of meaning that fills the soul and becomes a response to the desire for peace and stability in times of suffering and turmoil. The biblical stories comfort us, and remind us that we are not the first in the history of nations to combat epidemics and terrorism, but also that the story of the Savior is the answer to sin and suffering, says the journalist.

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the father. Mike Schmitz also provides other podcasts on frequently asked questions about Catholicism, faith, and popular culture. He also publishes his Sunday sermons by giving it at the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Newman Center. Ascension Presents are not the only ones in the world United States of America. The most famous Catholic speakers in the media today is BP Robert Barron Los Angeles Parish. Podcast run it “Word on fire” (Fire Word) contains a hugely popular and greatly appreciated Sunday homily across the United States. He also participates in all kinds of podcasts – Discussions on Catholicism, Religion, and Politics.