Ofcom asserts that the average British citizen spends 5 hours 40 minutes a day watching TV or playing computer games.


It is estimated that the lack of alternative entertainment in the era of the pandemic has sparked interest in watching movies on Netflix and playing games.

Over 60% of UK households had access to paid zoning services in 2020 only.

It was a 49% increase over the previous year.

In addition, the audience willingly and more often pays to watch popular shows.

However, not many people can afford their paid subscriptions.

Ofcom estimates that the number of people aged 45 to 74 accessing Netflix during the pandemic has increased by a third.

More importantly, the popularity of the Disney+ platform has grown significantly among families living in the UK.

Ofcom’s director of strategy and research, Yih Choung, says television and computer games have become the antidote to life during the lockdown.

He adds, people spend roughly a third of their time glued to the TV.

Ironically, at the same time, traditional TV channels are seeing a decline in viewership.

However, tens of millions of people were interested in the Prime Minister’s speeches regarding the update of the data on the Coronavirus.

Euro 2020 also attracted hundreds of football fans to television sets.

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