Bowie Jabonsky, Deputy Secretary of State, commented on the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict on “ZET Radio Guest”.

Unfortunately, the situation is very worrying. The escalation of this internal conflict, which was practically burning continuously for years. Such tightening has been dealt with recently. This is very disturbing, because, unfortunately, we have such an impression, given the situation, that many people on both sides want further escalation – political assessment.

Jabłoński noted that it was caused, among other things, by various internal political activities. We are dealing with canceled parliamentary elections in the Palestinian Authority, and we are dealing with other attempts to form a government in Israel – as stated by the Deputy Minister.

Escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Riots have erupted in Gaza and Israel since Monday. It was also implemented Rocket attacks. According to the latest information, the number of victims in the Gaza Strip has already reached 53 and at least 300 have been injured. The Israeli army, in turn, reported that it had killed more than 15 fighters. There are at least five fatalities on the Israeli side.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced The state of emergency in the city of Lod Near Tel Aviv, where the clashes took place.

The direct cause Escalation of the conflict The issue of deportation (the Palestinian side talks about illegal expulsion) has become the issue of Arab families from their homes in Jerusalem. This is just the latest episode in the conflict that has been going on for more than 70 years, which from time to time turns into bloody battles and results in deaths, also among civilians.

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