I amIt seemed unlikely at first glance, and the story hasn’t gotten far fetched since then, but that doesn’t stop Rexham fans from enjoying their moments in the spotlight. Carol Williams, director of the company that sponsors the National League club, said succinctly: “The whole community is excited after hearing that a little bit of Hollywood glamor. It might be about to touch North Wales. “

The Hollywood glamor in question comes in the form of an actor / producer Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool and Rob McElhenney famous for the TV series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And the £ 2 million injection that is confidently anticipated is not for the rights of Mickey Thomas’ life story, but an investment in a struggling club, which is struggling like any other team in the lower league at the moment through an empty floor due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wrexham has been a fan-owned since 2011, and when the Pro Support Council revealed the identity of potential new supporters this week, the membership voted by a staggering 97% for continued talks. In time, Mr. McKellhenny and Mr. Reynolds will share their vision for Wrexham FC members are required to vote on them at their second special public meeting, “the club’s statement said.

The discussions are clearly at an early stage, although Hollywood’s husband – McKellhenny is American, Reynolds is Canadian – have Confirmed via Twitter that they Interested in Wrexham. Why should this be something for another day – Hartlepool supporters are reacting furiously to the unconfirmed rumors that the actors looked at their club first but were not encouraged to move forward – but for now there is a fairy tale element in the development that has put spring in the step of everyone associated with the oldest A club in Wales and its historic home.

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Captain Shawn Pearson summed up the overall sentiment very well. Maybe I’m similar to everyone else; the defender said at first, “No, no way.” But it would probably be a great opportunity for the club. It would probably be a short while in terms of everything that goes by, but you’d be lying if you didn’t think it was sexy. This is something that could push the club forward in a big way.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McKelleni.  A lifetime fan described their plan to invest in Wrexham as

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McKelleni. A lifetime fan described their plan to invest in Wrexham “very exciting”. Photo: Getty Images

When Wrexham talks about going forward, they mean a return to the Football League, where they once climbed to the old second division before withdrawing in 2008. A beloved club with a reputation for a number of cups at home and abroad. In a financial recession over the past decade, but supporters now see hope on the horizon.

A lifetime fan, Matt Smith, said: “This could be a game-changer for us if it helps us achieve the holy grail of returning to the league. Obviously we need to know more about their plans and visions for the club but at the moment that seems unbelievable” . Club sponsor, Williams, from Ivor Williams Trailers, added: “Wrexham is a decent football city, attracting loyal support from North Wales and around the world. This is very exciting news. “

Women wait in a mobile sandwich bar outside the racetrack stadium on Thursday.

Women wait in a mobile sandwich bar outside the racetrack stadium on Thursday. Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters

Spencer Harris, director of the Trust, suggested that the next meeting and vote could take place in weeks rather than months. He said, “We are owned by society, so this became public knowledge a little earlier than it would have happened in normal circumstances, but it is now there and people know everything about it.”

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We have spoken through representatives and are now in a position, after the vote on Tuesday, to enter into detailed discussions about what a takeover deal might look like. I talked to both men who are serious professionals, not only in acting but in the business world as well, successful people and I’m sure they will have a lot to offer for any job. I think we might have seen them on the racetrack by now but as for Covid-19. We are a club with a proud history and great potential, so why not? “