The Armed Forces of Ukraine completely destroyed the units of the Western Military District of the Russian Federation. Only those who refused to participate in the invasion survived. The Western Military District includes, among others, units stationed in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and the “military elite” trained to fight against the eventual NATO forces.

Western Region no longer exists. They remained only in Russia, those who refused. There are no officers, they are all dead. There were fifteen here, especially ours. Fifteen of our officers died here. Basically they are all missing. There are no officers, no drivers, no one – the soldier explained to his wife.

“That’s why we don’t move.” The Russians repeated three times that volunteers or new recruits were automatically assigned to the infantry and sent to their deaths. My wife patiently replied that she understood him.

Volunteers are from live meat [armatnie]. Infantry and reconnaissance live meat, the Russian soldier repeated, heard by the CIA.

Shouting over the engine, the Russian reported that he was now surrounded by the “easterners” themselves, and there was almost none of the “west”. There is no western area, because almost all vehicles were damaged. – Either the tower is not working, or something else is not working … Or the wheels are out of order or something … [niezrozumiały fragment]. no one. Only volunteers go to the front and that’s it – said the soldier.

The SBU revealed that the Russian was with his branch in the Kharkiv region. According to information provided by the Ukrainian General Staff, Russian forces are conducting an aerial reconnaissance towards the city of Kharkiv to determine the locations of Ukrainian forces. The Russians continue their intense artillery bombardment of Ukrainian positions in the vicinity of Kharkiv, Stari Saitov, Rubichny and Chebyl. In addition, Russian forces fired on civilian infrastructure of artillery and MLRS in the regions of Ukraineika, Petrivka, Shevlevka, Bazaligoka and Prudyanka.

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