Residents of the Ulyanovsk region are sounding the alarm about the spread of thousands of pests. The thick-haired caterpillars with red spots have already destroyed 2000. hectares of forest. Insects also infiltrate the city where they hinder the work of the population.

Clinging to homes and high voltage towers. They are destroying plants at an alarming rate

Larvae stick widely to buildings and power towers. Recordings posted on social media show carpets of insects covering sidewalks in Ulyanovsk.

Officials stress that this is the first such invasion in 10 years.

The hairy larvae observed in the web is the larval stage of the gypsy moth. These mites are considered dangerous pests of forests and orchards. Specialists emphasize that the number of insects is constantly monitored. The authorities are trying to fight them, incl. By setting pheromone traps. However, pesticides are not used.

Toxic substances also affect other insects, and can have a detrimental effect on nature. We have to wait until the epidemic is over, accept the damage, and next year everything will return to normal – assesses biologist and naturalist Ilya Gumiranov.

Insect invasion in Russia. Residents can delete it manually

Residents are left to manually remove the tracks from their cars, buildings, and lawns. Gumiranov explains that a similar phenomenon occurs every few years. However, its causes have not been thoroughly investigated.

It is possible that the buildup of insects over the years is responsible. There are also theories that say that winters are not so cold because of the winter. When the weather is mild and snowy, a large number of insects survive, which creates a population center – assures the specialist.

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