Elon Musk’s company will be running monkey experiments. The billionaire said Neuralink employees at the testing facility for their devices had implanted the animal with a brain implant. Thanks to him, the monkey can play video games “with the power of his mind”.

The implant is wireless and practically invisible after implantation. Musk noted that the monkey acted as if it did not feel the device. At the moment, the implant does not cause any visible discomfort.

He doesn’t look like an unhappy monkey. You don’t even know where the implant will be placed, Musk said on the Good Time Show.

In the next step, scientists will check if the two monkeys can play together. Musk dreams of a “mental game of pong” in which these two animals could participate. That would be cool, says the billionaire.

Neuralink is here to help people

Elon Musk asserts that one of Neuralink’s primary goals will be to help people with diseases of the brain and spine. A computer the size of a small coin is implanted into the skull approximately 4 mm from the brain.


The implant contains more than 3 nbsptys. Electrodes And each is capable of monitoring thousands of neurons in the brain simultaneously – in addition to reading or writing data in channels. This means it can read nerve cell activity while stimulating the brain.

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