The children were born in Ratlam, India. Shaheen Khan knew from the beginning of her pregnancy that identical twins would be born, but ultrasound scans at 35 weeks of pregnancy showed that the babies had one body.

Amazing twins from India

Twins share a torso, two heads, two hearts, and three hands. After the initial shock, parents decided to take care of their children and raise them as best they could.

The twins are under constant monitoring of doctors at a specialized hospital in Indore. It is still unknown if they will survive. Doctors also aren’t sure if they’re dealing with a twin or a single baby. This issue may become more clear in the near future.

Such cases are rare and the condition of children remains uncertain, especially in the early days. That’s why, we keep them in check, Khan told Houti, who works with the children.

The twins were born with a disorder called post-wave disorder. Hence an organism has one body, but more than one head. The heads can usually dispose of the body evenly. The most famous detective wave twins are Abigail and Brittany Hensel from the USA. Women are recognized as separate people, and each has a part of the body that they control.