Good news for the end of the year. Arrangement of city plots on the street has been completed Liboa 48a map on Big Hangover. Buildings were demolished there, there was commotion, and in winter black smoke was rising from the chimney. A green area will be created here, available to residents.

The plot is located at 48 Lipowa Street at the end of Fikaków, near the bus station. The Tricity Beltway is located nearby. There is also a massive development of apartment buildings. For years, between them, in the urban area, there was a single-family single-storey house.

Mess, burning rubbish, unauthorized building

employment Real estate There was chaos, and the tenants had to commit unauthorized construction and expand the building against regulations. Worst of all, in the winter they burned in the oven with a substance not intended for this purpose – garbage. The smoke was especially visible in the fall and winter, which was also noted by our readers in a report from Tri-City.

Toxic smoke and smog on large waste

Smoke and toxic smog at Wileki Kack ul. Liboa 48 every day. Smog in apartments. drama. Clean air in Gdynia a fairy tale! The land belongs to the Gdynia commune. The barracks smoke illegally.

The growing problem over the years has been known to the district council and city officials. However, the case did not find a successful outcome for everyone – as the officials explained, due to the complex official and legal procedures, as well as the fact that the building had tenants.

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Cleaned up, green area ahead

This is the past. Last week, work was done on arranging the municipal plot of Mujahideen. Lipowa 48 and demolish existing buildings in their premises. After years of efforts the building was demolished and the tenants moved elsewhere.

Schemes of the district must satisfy the population. The plot of land will be allocated to an open public space serving the residents.

– I am pleased with the decision of President Wojciech Szczorek to agree to the introduction of a clause in the new local plan, which is currently under preparation, that allows the allocation of the municipal area in the ul. Libua 48 is a green area that I have been striving to achieve – he says Anna Szpajer, Member of the City Council and Chairman of the Security and Self-Government Committee of the Gdynia City Local Council.