Two years ago, he came close to achieving a medal at the European Cup in a small speed car race. Now he is taking his first steps on the “500”, and the Danes pin high hopes on him. Former sprinter Niklas Porsing helps Nikolai Heiselberg start his career.

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Nikolai Heiselberg

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In an October interview with WP SportoweFakty, Nicklas Porsing revealed that although he’s now messed about to find him on fast tracks and now working as a cook, he’s still present in black sports.

He decided to help Nikolai Heiselberg. For the competitor who in 2020 on the mini-track in Gdansk, the European Cup singles medal, he took the fourth-worst place for an athlete at the time, taking fourth place.

– He is a talented boy who was born and raised near my family home. I’m trying to help him, despite my new stage in life and I think next year he’ll be in the U21 World Championships! – said Porsing, who in 2013 won the junior world champion title.

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Konrad Sinkowski, WP SportoweFakty: Nikolai, you are not a famous player in Poland, so if only you could introduce yourself to fans who haven’t heard of you yet.

Nikolai Heiselberg, Vardy Ellitsport FC player, Danish footballer: I am sixteen years old and have been skiing for ten years (laughs). When I was younger, I played football a lot. So much so that at some point I felt like the sport and “left us”. One day we left training early and there was a 50cc moped in the back of the bus in the parking lot. I gave it a try, loved the sport and found the highway to be what I wanted to do. However, it would have been impossible for me to do so without my parents, friends, and early sponsors.

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Do you remember your first competition – as a fan and a really professional appearance?

I was never a spectator (laughs). I was in a competitive relationship with the sport right away, and the first day was so beautiful to me that I didn’t want to go home at all.

Who is your idol on the highway?

Mads Cornelius. He retired from the sport, but was a great highway racer. He could ride anything and anywhere, and even if he was on a freshly plowed field, it would be a dirt track.

When you ask about your person in Denmark, one can hear one thing: ‘talent’. Many think that you are one of the most potential players in your homeland. Are you feeling stressed about high expectations?

not very much. Nobody really pushes me and they are trying to help me teach me how to stand and be a better player than I am today. I am definitely trying to shape and plan the future. Talking to journalists also gives me a lot of learning, because it’s also part of this profession.

But, for example, such views of the Danes can be confirmed, for example, by inviting Hans Nielsen to the national team.

It definitely adds positive energy. We’ll see how it goes because it’s my first season. In March we will come to Poland for a few days to train with the national team.

I spoke to Nick Porsing a few months ago and he talked about how they started working together. Will you tell me how it happened and what day it is?

His dad is the one who takes care of my engines. He and Nick used to watch videos of my races and discussed them a lot. From word to word and Nick tries to help me, sometimes he is in my contests and if I need help I can count on him to answer my phone or even send a text after the contest. Working with Nick gives me a lot of joy, it’s good to have someone by your side, he knows the sport and rode himself.

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Many of your compatriots have signed contracts in Poland to participate in the U-24 Ekstraliga. You did not succeed. Missing offers?

There will be time for everything.

Are you interested in finding a club in our country?

Never get too hard.” We’ll see what happens.

He will definitely be racing in the Danish League. Do you have any offers, for example from Sweden or Great Britain?

I did, but now I’m focused on improving my results in Denmark.

What can you say about last season?

It was my first season with the 500 hundred and I think it was pretty good. And it wasn’t easy, because I started with a motorcycle made of worn out parts and a twelve-year-old engine. I may not have the latest equipment, but I have the will to beat my competition and do what I love.

Do you have your own professions?

When I was 15, I started in the Danish Youth Championship final, where I was able to win one race and finish 10th.

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Have you already set yourself some goals for the new season? Nick said ambitiously that he even sees you among the participants in IMMJJ.

I focus on development. I want to develop and improve my skills and my attitude on the track to get a spot on the Outrup team in the Speedway Ligaen.

Finally, I wanted to ask you about your nickname – “Black Devil”. Tell me about its origins.

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I was five years old at the time. I had a black Kevlar helmet and boots, but a blue motorcycle. We decided to repaint it, and how – black! (a smile). When I came to the track and the coach then saw me, he shouted to everyone that a black demon was coming. Caught and stayed that way.

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