Only a few days ago, high school graduates took exams in Polish, mathematics and foreign languages. Now there are only the remaining items to choose from. On May 17, students will receive a high school diploma in history.

What does the historical knowledge of young Poles look like? It turned out to be not the best. And the media published a clip from the YouTube program “Matura Nonsense”.

Young people from history answered. Joseph Stalin was confused with Adolf Hitler

Pyotr Debsky, who conducted the survey, decided to ask the young people who in the photo he holds. It was on Joseph Stalin, the communist dictator and criminal responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

However, it turned out that young people do not associate such an important historical figure. There were voices that the portrait was of the leader of Hitler’s Germany, Adolf Hitler. Some respondents said that the photo shows … Josef Pisudzky, a Polish politician and one of the main opponents of Stalin.

“The Matura exam is bullshit.” They asked the Poles about an important historical figure

“Matura is nonsense” has been running on YouTube since 2010. The lecturers examine the knowledge of Poles in various street surveys. The questions are often related to course material or general knowledge.

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