A short recording of the fan fun in the stands appeared on Charlotte FC’s Twitter account. The fans of the American club performed a dance known in the sports community as “Poznan”. Almost twelve years ago, it was started by Lech fans.

When Collegourts competed in the Europa League with Manchester City in the 2010/11 season, Polish fans caused a sensation on the field in England. At one time, they stood with their backs to the grass, grabbed their shoulders and jumped together. The idea of ​​Lech fans was so admired by the English that the celebration was repeated several times in stadiums in Great Britain. It’s worth adding in 2019 thanks to Kolejorz fans The word “Poznan” hit the Cambridge dictionary.

There are three poles in the Charlotte club: Karol Schwederski, Jan Sobosinski and Kamel Jowiak. He signed the last contract with the American club a month ago. – I’m excited to join the Charlotte club! I am so happy to be the new member of the family! First, you watched the second leg from the stands and the crowd and your energy were amazed. I’ve already made history by breaking the MLS attendance record, but I hope we can do more together! I will do everything for the proudest club and fans! – Then he wrote on Instagram, the ex-Lech Pozna player, who recently played in Derby County.


He’s not talking about his naughty self. con man? Come sooner. – There were solos. I admit I cleaned up my yearbook and was already lining up with older books—as Łukasz “Juras” Jurkowski says. The temptations came very early. – They came for training with cars that I only saw in the catalogs. I knew what they were doing, what they were doing and I also had such proposals – he revealed in an interview with Łukasz Kadziewicz. not exploited. Choose a sport. For him, he argues, she owes everything. Although for him today the sport is just … an addition to his life.

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