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Road builders have the ability to control traffic not only through signs or road signs. Lines, including the P-21 “Out of Zone” sign, are a very important component of the road structure. What is it exactly? This is indicated mainly by the regulations that define the technical conditions for road signs. And in his voice:

The area excluded from traffic is determined by a set of lines parallel to or close to each other, diagonally to the vehicular path and delimited by the edge line – a continuous wide P-7b.

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He crashed into a moped, and he did not have a driver’s license. Now he will stand trial

Space for the disabled, i.e. what is allowed and what is not?

This form of pedestrian space leads to a rather important result. Since it is marked on the road by a continuous wide rim line – P-7b, the driver cannot even drive over its limits. And this is not the end, because the inability to drive means, for example, the inability to stop the car. The P-21 somehow becomes “inviolable”. A similar interpretation is also indicated by the name of the space itself (excluded!) deliberately introduced by the legislator, as well as its definition.

The P-21 “excluded area” sign means the road surface on which entry and stops are prohibited. – Art. 90 seconds. 5 of the decree of the Ministers of Infrastructure, Interior and Administration regarding road signs and signals.

Enter and stop. Either for two reasons or without authorization

Two elements appear in the official definition of an exclusion zone stipulated in the aforementioned regulation: entry and stop. For a driver to commit an offense, it does not have to occur simultaneously. Therefore, it is enough to drive above the P-21 mark so that the driver risks a fine. And this issue was discussed in our last material, the link to which was added below.

Some drivers believe they have found a legal catch in the P-21 tag. They were wrong

Authorization for mark P-21. How much is the driver at risk?

Drivers often enter the excluded space when they start to overtake, want to avoid a vehicle waiting to turn a right, or want to get out of the lane early. Those detained by the police mainly explain how much they care about the smoothness of traffic. However, such explanations do not appeal to the officers. There is always a valid authorization. This amounts to 100 PLN. Furthermore, the offense also means one penalty point.

It should be noted that hitting the P-21 tag does not have to end on the ticket. If a collision occurs on the road as a result of the maneuver, the driver will be the culprit. And then he will get not 100, but 500 zlotys from the fine and not 1, but 6 penalty points. Not to mention the obligation to cover costs related to repairing the injured vehicle. However, drivers who get into the excluded space often do not feel guilty about the collision. So cases end in court and there are conductors… they lose.

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