JVC announced that in November it will present its first TVs with OLED arrays! The latest VO9100 series is expected to reach European markets. Its representatives received HDMI 2.1 ports with support for 4K120Hz signals! Are prices for new products already indicated?

JVC announces the first OLED TVs in its history. They have HDMI 2.1! And how much will it cost?

The first series of televisions you all In the history of the brand JVC I got the name VO9100. Variants with screens will appear for the first time in stores 55 I 65 Cali. It was announced that it will appear in November 2021 in some European countries. Is it also in Poland? We don’t know yet, but it has been confirmed that there will be no more in Great Britain, France and Scandinavia. Nor do we know how much it will have to be paid for.

OLED TV JVC VO9100; Photo: JVC

As for the specifications, first of all, these are the inaugural JVC models equipped with panels with organic LEDs. Arrays are precisely fitted 4Krefresh rate 120 Hz Extensive HDR support: HLG, HDR10 i Dolby Vision. The manufacturer also took into account the presence of ports HDMI 2.1 With signal support 4K120 Hz of next-generation consoles and graphics cards. Their presence is also followed by technology support ALLM I eARC.

In addition to models VO9100 excels in its handling Dolby Atmos. They work under the control of the statute Smart TV Based on linux. Among the apps already confirmed that will be available on it: Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Netflix, Red Bull TV, Twitch i YouTube. It is uncertain what support for other services will look like.

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OLED TV JVC VO9100; Photo: JVC


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