Worldwide transportation is mainly by sea. And when you block the largest ports, there’s a problem. China has banned naval crew exchanges and ordered all sailors to quarantine for seven weeks. You arrive at a port in China and you have seven weeks to sit on your ass and wait. The Chinese are stubborn and do not allow these ships to be abandoned. The story of a sailor with a tooth infection, who was not allowed to disembark and see a doctor, became so famous that the entire container ship left a port in China and headed to South Korea to prevent the visitor from contracting sepsis.

Even the air mail is blocked. Cargoes are scattered in airport warehouses, waiting for their turn for two weeks. This is the case, for example, in Germany or Great Britain.

But even if the goods were somehow miraculously found in Europe – there may not be anyone to bring them home, because there is a shortage of drivers – not only in Great Britain after Brexit, as well as in Poland, where they lost 120 thousand.

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