According to the latest British media reports, a three-tiered lockdown system will be introduced in England.

In light of the growing number of coronavirus cases, Downing Street is planning stricter restrictions in England, along with closing pubs and banning meetings of people from different families.

The country will have a phased system similar to a traffic light, imposing stricter restrictions, including bans on social contact, if the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase.

According to government documents found by The Guardian, the proposed draft social distancing framework for Covid-19 aims to simplify existing local restrictions.

The newspaper reported that additional restrictions could be imposed under the new three-phase blockade in England.

This is because the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise and more and more areas, including Birmingham and the Black Country, are under local lockdowns.

The new system is to provide red, amber and green alerts:

red alert – meetings of people from different families are not allowed; indoor dining venues, hotels and leisure facilities; Banning the practice of amateur sports and hobbies that require contact with others.

amber alert – there are no meetings in private homes or gardens, except for the created “bubbles”; avoid visiting nursing homes; Travel essential only.

green alert – the rule of six for gatherings; wearing a face mask in shops, bars and on transport; Bars and venues close at 22:00; 15 people at weddings and 30 at funerals.

Currently, at least a quarter of UK regions have local lockdowns, and their rules vary by region.

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The new system aims to simplify existing local restrictions.

Monday 05 October 2020 09:29