Rome is not happy for Hubert Hurkacz. Pole with Grigor Dimitrov surrendered to the Croats – Nikola Mikticis and Mate Pavic in the second round of the championship in the doubles.

David Frank

Hubert Hurkacz

PAP / EPA / Pictured: Hubert Hurkacz

Hubert Hurkacz and Grigor Demytro were not the favorites in the match with Croatian duo Nikola Mektic/Mate Pavic. Hurkacz and Dimitrow play the first tournament in a duo. The rivalry began in Rome with a win over Ivan Dodig/Austin Krajesek. However, it was only now that their skills were truly tested.

Mekti and Pavi already in the fifth match with a score of 2: 2 had the opportunity to break the Polish-Bulgarian duo. Mektic and Pavic surprised Dimitro with their return, later Mektic made a superb shot and the Croats took four points break. Then Hurkacz took matters into his own hands, embarrassing rivals with his service. On the other hand, Dimitrov skillfully played in the net and in the end there was no breakthrough.

We watched the phenomenal tennis during match eleven. At that time, it was not known for a long time who would take the lead. At that time, Hubert Hurkacz showed exceptional performance. Miktec smashed the net and the situation seemed unsalvageable. However, the pole instinctively hit the ball and scored a point. Competitors can only shake their heads in appreciation.

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However, the Croats are applying more and more pressure and, above all, they can be masterfully returned. This was the key element that gave them a 6:5 lead and a lead. Later, with their website, Mekti and Pavi didn’t let themselves be surprised. Maybe they scored points and thus won the first game 7:5.

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The missed group infuriated the Polish-Bulgarian duo a bit. Already in the first matches of match two, it was clear that Hurkacz and Dimitrow wanted to reverse the game. Both kept their serve, and when the score was 3: 2, they brilliantly played with their opponents’ passes. The pole was particularly active, scoring points at crucial moments – first sending a successful comeback, and then shooting into the net.

The Croats saw what was happening. They came back quickly. It’s hard to blame anyone, but Dimitrov certainly didn’t help his situation. In two key moments he broke air balls, and with his opponents back playing this way, he quickly retaliated.

Later, Mektic and Pavic went as they were. They were not overcome anymore, and they themselves made Dimitrov lose his order. It happened in the eleventh inning. Later they finished their work and won the whole meeting in two groups.

Thus, the Olympic champions from Tokyo qualified for the quarter-finals of the tournament. Hurkacz and Dimitro did not play a bad match, and you need to remember that before the doubles match, Bulgaria played a long duel with Stefanos Tsitsipas in one match.

Internazionali BNL d’Italia, Rome (Italy)
ATP Masters 1000, clay courts, prize pool of €5.415 million
Wednesday May 11

Second round of doubles:

Nikola Mektic (Croatia) / Mate Pavic (Croatia) v Grigor Dimitro (Bulgaria) / Hubert Hurkacz (Poland) 7-5, 7-5

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