Home is the closest and most intimate place to us. So what is important in organizing our four corners and what are the ways we look to feel comfortable in this space? What do we love our homes for and what do we follow when arranging the interiors?

What do our homes say about us?

There is no doubt that the arrangement of the four corners has an impact on our well-being.
We put the most power when space is ours and we can arrange everything according to our needs in our own way. We care about comfort and the cozy nature of the interior, because we don’t want to work in an uncomfortable or uncomfortable space for some reason. We strive to furnish the house as we dreamed it. Every aspect of our style and home is a manifestation of your “I”. It is a reflection of who we are – our passion, our lifestyle and our experiences. We are constantly changing ourselves, our tastes are changing too, our needs are changing.

Our home is a safe haven where we are safe and have everything we need close at hand. An inseparable element of this coexistence is our relatives and their presence, building common stories. For many, being together is more important than having a lot of space.

need to change

We have always needed changes, but in the case of a pandemic we have opened up more to them. We started thinking about updating the rooms and adding variety to the accessories. We just love doing it! Even small changes can translate into the reception of the whole. It is enough to buy a new bedspread or add comfortable pillows to completely change the look of our bedroom. At the same time, some of us became interested in crafts. By limiting leaving homes, we gained more time at our disposal. Many people have started modifying items already in their apartments, for example by painting or repairing furniture. The pandemic has made us more aware that we want a place where we can fully relax and calm down.

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Indispensable helpers

Every nook and cranny needs to be taken care of. There are places where we spend more or less time. Without exception, we want the activities that are done at home to give us a lot of joy. In addition to interior comfort, we also care about its functionality, the house lives with us, which sometimes makes it difficult to maintain order.
It is worth thinking about devices that will make it easier for us to stay in the most important space for each of us. The ideal pair for improving everyday life will be the products from the Vorwerk range: Thermomix® TM6 and the new – the Kobold® VB100 multifunctional cleaning device. Both devices feature a unique uniform of brand design and a long-lasting reputation. These are very friendly, useful and intuitive elements that will help you better organize the space around you. The Thermomix® TM6 combines a passion for cooking with advanced technology, and has successfully replaced many other useful appliances for cooking. On the other hand, the Kobold® VB100 will convince even those who do not like to clean. Thanks to its innovative applications and various tips, it will make cleaning more enjoyable. One thing is for sure – we love taking care of our space. We really care about keeping things tidy around us. Let us also take care of our time, which is the greatest value. We can get it by choosing devices that will partially relieve us of our daily duties.

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