The trees planted in front of the Netto Arena can remind of the outstanding athletes of Szczecin. Such a formula for Street of Sports Stars will allow greenery to be brought into the space that is lacking.

It was discussed in the Committee on Social Initiatives, Sports and Youth of the City Council. Some of the paving slabs in front of the Netto Arena have already been seriously damaged, which council members saw with their own eyes during one of the remote commissions. There was an idea to combine the necessary replacement of the roof with the planting of trees there and the preparation of the Alley of Sports Stars.

Tree branches for athletes

The initial concept assumes that each planted tree will be dedicated to an athlete in Szczecin. President Patrick Jaskolsky (Kalicja Obywatelska) has envisioned what such rows of flying trees (the tree species are not a foregone conclusion) might look like in front of the Netto Arena.

– This is of course the beginning of the discussion, there is still a long way to go to reach the binding arrangements. However, the important question is whether we want to give this idea some dynamics. “I think this concept deserves support,” said Councilman Jaskolsky.

“We still have a big cement desert there”

All of the council members on the committee had a similar opinion. Przemysław Słowik (also from the Civic Alliance) emphasized that the most important thing about this concept was to introduce more green space to the areas around the Netto Arena.

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– Recently a lot of plantings have appeared in Saffar, but when we look at this area from above, we still have a huge concrete desert there. A greenhouse for passengers waiting for a tram on the new stop. If we have the opportunity, let’s change, for example, what is in front of the Netto Arena. Argue that this is the time to fix previous errors and revitalize this space.

Will trees limit exhibition space?

At the end of the commission, the council members agreed to the request to secure funds in the city budget for the development of the concept of developing this area, and asked the city gardener for an opinion. However, if the Alley of Sports Stars concept is implemented, then the technical problems mentioned by city representatives must first be resolved.

Of course, the surface must be replaced. However, I am afraid that by planting trees there, we will limit the possibilities of the hall in the future. I would like to remind you that during the European Championships in gymnastics, a warm-up hall was built in this place, and it is also possible to organize exhibitions there, for example. I am absolutely right when it comes to the idea of ​​Aleja Gwiazd Sportu, its form should be analyzed – commented Krzysztof Kupis, City Hall Sports Director.

There is also the problem of the underground installations, which means that not every place in front of Netto Arena can have trees.

Electrical installations may interfere with these trees. Perhaps the best place for such an initiative is the perimeter of the bike path? – asked Carol Reisler of the Center for Sports, Recreation and Municipal Rehabilitation.

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Netto Arena at ul. Szafera opened in August 2014.