The Associated Press reported that the agreement will go into effect at 2 a.m. on Friday. In turn, as we read in The Times of Israel, the Israeli side claims that the time in which it will be implemented has not yet been decided. According to the Israelis, Egypt offered a ceasefire.

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The tense situation in the Middle East. Gen. Benik: Netanyahu will not allow the conflict to spread on a larger scale

The Times of Israel said the ceasefire agreement was confirmed by Benjamin Netanyahu’s office. Earlier, Reuters reported that the deal was also confirmed by Hamas. According to the representative of the organization, it should be “reciprocal and simultaneous.” The Palestinian Authority reported that the approval was under the influence United States of America.

Soon after, information about the truce appeared in the Israeli media army You reported on Twitter that sirens were sounded in southern Israel.

Before the Israeli security cabinet meeting on the ceasefire, AFP reported, citing unidentified officials, that Israel was under intense diplomatic pressure.

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. More than 200 people died

The current Palestinian-Israeli conflict has lasted 11 days and has claimed at least 230 lives, most of them Palestinians.

The political and social situation in Jerusalem is extremely complex. Israel recognizes the city as its “eternal and undivided capital.” However, according to international law, the eastern part of it is occupied territory, which Israel has illegally annexed. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the capital of their nation when they achieve independence. This overlaps with the historic and religious significance of the city – the city is sacred to Muslims, Christians and Jews. A second Palestinian uprising – the intifada – broke out due to the events in Jerusalem.

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Several weeks ago in Jerusalem ProtestsAnd clashes between Palestinians and Israelis Policy ±. The reason is the court ruling (currently postponed) regarding the displacement of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah settlement in East Jerusalem. Jewish settlers took their place.

Israeli settlement in both the eastern Arab part of Jerusalem and the West Bank is illegal under international law and is condemned even by Israel’s allies. However, the Israeli authorities question the interpretation of the Geneva Convention in this regard. The fact that these displacements are illegal under international law was reported in her statement by European Union. Palestinians see the displacement of Arab families and the occupation of their homes by Jewish settlers as part of a broader effort to permanently control East Jerusalem.