instead of A road planned for decades Recreational areas will be built and Bicycle Highway. New buildings and city squares were also designed. Officials invite you to participate in public consultations master plan.

unfulfilled plans

The full scope of the development of the master plan – Trasa Tysiąclecia and the area around Warszawa Wschodnia . station

Photo: UM Warszawa / Background

There was a road Tysiąclecia The striated artery, which was to connect the two parts of the right bank Warsaw – Praga Ponok with Praga-Południe. The wide street, which was to be used mainly by cars, was to be crossed by Park Skaryszewski and Pass through the tunnel under the station Warsaw and Chudnya, communicating with Al. symbiosis For this purpose, a reserve of land was preserved, which today has a huge potential for the revitalization of both regions. According to the new intentions of the officials, the land after development better suits the requirements of a modern and greener city and the needs of its residents. Instead of inter-provincial roads There will be local connections, walking and cycling trails, Mixed with greenery and quality public spaces.

order chaos

Arena in Grochowska

The box in the mujahideen. Grushowska

Photo: UM Warszawa / Background

Commissioned by the city Background design team led by Michal SikorskyThe connection of both sections of the road near the railway station of Warsaw and Chodnya is of major importance. Tunnel planned for cars, bikes, pedestrians and trams to help. Currently, it is only possible to walk there on foot. Such a connection is insufficient due to traffic congestion in the area.

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bike highway

Square in front of the station

The square in front of the eastern train station – imagine

Photo: UM Warszawa / Background

The novelty of the concept is the path along the entire planned path bike highway, It constitutes a fast and convenient bicycle connection for today’s separated areas. The city is also planning to build Many pedestrian friendly places. Local roads for vehicular traffic and a tramway will be established. All proposals can be implemented in this space without undue interference with its form. The proposed solutions are less invasive and tailored to local needs.

Millennium Square Millennium Square

Millennium squares will appear along the entire path

Photo: UM Warszawa / Background

The new concept aims to create a space with a more humane and Preserve as much green as possible in the city’s tissues. s.A rojekt is an invitation to discussion – its individual elements can be implemented at different times and in different forms. The final decision will depend on the votes of the population. Hence its inaccurate form. Unfortunately Model visuals and images may not be readable on this model to many audiences.

general advice

Model Model

Pictures of the master plan template

Photo: UM Warszawa / Background

New development concept Trasy Tysiąclecia is offered to residents as part of a public consultation. This is just an introduction to the discussion on this area. The city would like to collect residents’ opinions on this subject so that the final destination, appearance and development of the area best suit their needs. Consultations will continue until April 30. An online meeting will be held on April 12th. There will also be two fixed shifts:

  • April 21 at Primary School No. 30 at 2 Kawęczyńska . Street
  • April 28 in the Praga-Południe district office.
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More information can be found at the side General City Consulting.

field of study

Scope of Study – Current Situation

Photo: UM Warszawa / Background

Kacper Kępiński