McLaren has prepared a big surprise for Formula One fans ahead of the Australian Grand Prix. An unusual model of the MCL36 appeared in the service alley of the Albert Park track. There would be nothing unusual about it, were it not for the fact that it is made of Lego bricks.

Katarzyna Łapczyńska

A McLaren car made of LEGO bricks

PRESS MATERIAL / McLaren / Pictured: A McLaren made of LEGO bricks

Thursday in Formula 1 is the day the teams slowly prepare to start the weekend’s competition. It’s no different in Melbourne’s Albert Park, where teams used the final hours before the Australian Grand Prix to stop a test pit or to install the last garage. However, unusual images can be seen in front of the McLaren podium.

In the garage of Woking’s stable, the MCL36 appeared, which can look like a real machine from a distance. Only after getting close to the car can you see that it is a 1:1 scale model made of Lego bricks.

In this way, the British decided to promote the fact that a smaller version of the F1 car had recently been prepared in cooperation with the Danish block manufacturer.

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The real size model was so much fun for Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris. McLaren drivers even tried to change the wheels in it. The Australian even joked that he would like a real engine to appear in this machine.

It is worth noting that the block manufacturer has even prepared a special steering wheel, similar to the one that Formula One drivers use on a daily basis. However, it is not known how much time it took to assemble such a copy of the MCL36. The entire structure consists of more than 250 thousand. purposes.

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