Another cinema, in the last week of May, is a preview of the first new movie. The repertoire includes drama, horror productions and films for the whole family, that is, family productions. Check out our showcase of next week’s worth-to-watch movies!

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  • From May 20 to 27, new films will be shown in cinemas.
  • Among the performances of the film, there are several proposals for the youngest.
  • However, you will still be able to watch premieres from May 13-20, 2022.

Next week in May comes a new movie showing in cinemas. What is worth going to the cinema this time? Check out our new weekly chart! Also pay attention to Netflix premieres in the next episode week And don’t forget the suggestions from HBO Max platforms.

First theatrical performances from May 20 to 27, 2022

little mom Premiere May 20, 2022

little mom It is a fantasy drama that tells an extraordinary story in which we meet a girl who travels back in time and meets another girl who will be her mother in the future. They become friends soon.

He went Premiere May 20, 2022

He went It is an Australian thriller film, focused on two men who do not know each other, who during their journey encounter a large nugget of gold. In an attempt to get her out, one of them goes on a perilous journey to obtain the necessary equipment, while the other fights the misfortunes of nature and wild animals.

Sadnes Premiere May 20, 2022

The next movie is a horror movie called Sadnes, a Taiwanese production, in which we move to a Taiwanese city, as a result of a strange and frightening plague, full of people with sadistic inclinations. In the film, we follow the fate of a couple who will try to save their lives.

Prince Premiere May 20, 2022

Prince is an English comedy-drama set in Great Britain, when a priceless portrait of the Duke of Wellington is stolen by Goya during a brilliant and daring leap to the National Gallery. But it turns out that this theft was committed by an ordinary taxi driver, a loving husband and father who sometimes loves life leaps. Our hero, Kempton Bunton, has a purpose in this. It will reinstate the business anonymously when authorities establish certain financial benefits for the poor.

Yakari and wonderful trip Premiere May 20, 2022

Another suggestion is a younger movie with the title Yakari and wonderful trip. In the animation production we follow the fate of an Indian boy. Yakari of the Sioux tribe, gifted with the gift of speaking to animals. One day, he sets off on his most important and biggest ride, which will allow him to track down a wild Mustang.

Felix and the hidden treasure Premiere May 20, 2022

We also end with an animation titled Felix and the hidden treasure, the Canadian production below the younger, but not only, in which we set out with the title Felix in search of his father, who went missing two years earlier at sea. Felix never believed it, so she decided to look for it. A retired sailor will help.


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