Standard run, during which historical tables have been updated by Best result in the world for 100 kmin Bedford, UK.

On track and field Alexander Sorokin He accepted the challenge and was clear from the start that he wasn’t going to be slow.

Lithuanian time setting 6:05:41Which allowed him to set a world record by leading the Japanese Nao Kazami, who surpassed the result by more than three minutes in 2018.

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If you look at Sorokin’s stats, you can pick your head up. Ultramarathoner ran at an average speed of 3:39 / kmIt is not a challenge for professional athletes, but it is indeed a huge achievement over such a long distance.

The runner specializes in long-distance running. He has, among other things, 12-hour and 24-hour runs.

A year ago, Sorokin broke the world record in the 24-hour race. In 24 hours, he traveled 309,399 kilometers. He ran 177.4 km at twice his length.

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