Since the World Cup Quadruple Finals have been replaced by the Speedway of Nations pairings, the Poles can’t make it to the top. They haven’t received a single gold from the new event yet. In the first three editions, they had to recognize the superiority of the Russians, and a year ago, the British stood in their way. Is there a breakthrough at the end?

So far, we have learned the composition of both semi-finalists from SoN. It will take place day in and day out in Esbjerg, Denmark, which will also host the two-day final of the event a few dozen hours later. The Poles will begin the trial on July 27. They will face Germans, Americans, Latvians, Finns, Australians, and Ukrainians. The top three teams in the competition will advance to the final, where they will meet the winners of the second qualifying round and the hosts. Passing the first stage should be a formality for white and red people. Among the opponents, only Australians offer a level similar to ours.

Between the semifinals and finals of the Senior SNA, the juniors will enter the track. The Polish team defends the junior world champion title. A year ago, Jakob Mikoviak and Victor Lamparte did not give their opponent any chance during the final in Bydgoszcz.

First Semi-Final – Wednesday 27 July:

A: Germany

B: Poland

C: United States of America

D: Latvia

Enterprise: Finland

F: Australia

G: Ukraine

Second semi-final round – Thursday 28 July:

A: Czech Republic

B: Great Britain

A: France

D: Sweden

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Enterprise: Italy

F: Slovakia

G: Slovenia

SON2 Final – Friday 29th July

A: Australia

B: Latvia

C: Poland

D: Great Britain

E: Denmark

F: Czech Republic

G: Sweden