CD Projekt RED is developing a new production from the world of The Witcher. The single player title associated with Gwent will be released in 2022. We received the first information about an interesting project.

The IGN editorial team has provided news about the new production from The Witcher universe. that it “Independent single player game” It is codenamed The Golden Nekker Project. The title is expected to debut in 2022.

The creators decided to develop a project using the concept of Gwent, but it will not be a classic card game. The Golden Nekker project will offer a new experience:

“Project Golden Nekker is currently being developed by the CD Projekt Red team and aims to provide an ‘immersive single player experience’ that differs from previous versions of this digital card game.”

Pawe Burza of CD Projekt RED confirmed that the new production will offer something new:

“Our goal is to provide an addictive single player game for players who prefer it over competitive online joint.”

CD Projekt RED confirmed it It is a completely new production associated with Gwent, However, players can count on new attractions. In addition, the studio posted small teasers related to the Golden Nekker project during previous streams related to the card game, but the full presentation is yet to come.

You definitely need to clarify that The Golden Nekker Project is not another “Witcher’s Tale” We’ve got an artistic concept off to a good start, but it’s hard to say exactly what the materials represent. We see here, among others, the barbarian or the fire element.

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