January 10 2022, 20:48

Among Us took over the PlayStation Store in December 2021, but Wiedźmin 3 also attracted many buyers.

Not only in Poland The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt he is back In the list of most-purchased products in recent weeks. The third part of Geralt’s virtual saga was also one of the parts The most popular games for PlayStation 4 Downloaded from PlayStation Store Dec. In Europe, domestic production ranked sixth and overseas. 11. Before the third month gold ?? Accurate He joined the list only on our continent, taking 17th place.

In both regions, regular guests of this type of group also took the top ten, so the chain Call of dutyAnd FIFAAnd Maine Craft And as always, clearly immortal Grand Theft Auto V. However, they are not any of these giants or any of them?? With exclusive titles, it enjoyed the most popularity on PS4, and even on PS5. The same game took first place in America and Europe on both devices: Between us.

Of course, the success of this independent production is partly due to the simple fact that in mid-December Between us first appeared On both PlayStation (as well as Xbox One and Series X/S). However, it shows that the work of the Innersloth studio continues to attract players.

For similar reasons, another high “turkey” was included in the list. talking about Five nights at Freddy’s?? s: a security breachWhich, despite the technical problems, was appreciated by the players (see reviews on steam).

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playstation store Top 10 most downloaded games in Europe

As for production on PlayStation VR, the same title has ruled both in America and Europe. Saber won Still attracts audiences, albeit Polish artists too hot and developers Fun simulator for action Nor can they complain about the interest in these titles years after their first show.

The same is true fortnite??He remains the undisputed leader among games Free to play. Surprisingly, it ranked fourth in Europe eFootball 2022after that the first show Advertising? as One of the worst (If not the worst2021 game. Is it true that Konami slightly improved the title and announced the release of the full version?? 1.0 but Only for this year. It seems that some people do not intend to wait that long and would rather start the adventure now.

playstation store The most downloaded VR games for free on PSN in Europe