The wife of World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, Paris, has revealed that she… got into a lot of trouble for being a gypsy.

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32-year-old Paris Fury revealed in her new book ‘Love & Fury’ that she was attacked by netizens because of her race. Tyson Fury’s wife – like the world heavyweight boxing champion – is a gypsy.

“Gypsies are a race, and they are a race of people, so it is in no way an insult to me. But the problem is that hundreds of years ago there was a derogatory term – if you are a gypsy, you are a problem, you are a social outcast ”- the champion’s wife emphasized boxing.

The woman revealed that racist attacks on her increased when she joined the ITV program “Free Woman”. Her presence in the program caused discontent among some viewers.

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“I have no problem when someone calls me a gypsy. It’s not an insult. But if a stranger in cyberspace tells you that ‘dirty gypsies shouldn’t be invited to TV,’ I listen to it with one ear and let it go with it,” Paris wrote in her book. The other one.. it continues.. to this day.. I suffered from it even in my childhood.. when I refused to enter the cinema because of my race.

Paris and Tyson married in 2009. They have six children and their lives have been full of ups and downs. The boxer often repeats in interviews that he owes his sporting success to Paris.

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