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Komorowski: The operation of the PSL and the Civic Platform was the result of the Left-Law and Justice alliance

East Wing countries NATO He called for more troops to be sent to eastern and southern Europe. Talk about it President Romanian Klaus Iohannes after the meeting of heads of neighboring states, also known as the “Bucharest Nine”, in Bucharest and Poland was represented in the talks by President Andrzej Duda.

The meeting of heads of state of NATO’s eastern wing was to prepare a common position for the countries of the region before the one-month summit in Brussels. US President Joe also attended the talks via the Internet Biden.

Biden on democracy and the rule of law

The White House issued a statement following Biden’s talks with allies in the B9 group. “President Biden affirmed his commitment to rebuilding alliances and strengthening transatlantic relations. He expressed his desire for closer cooperation with nine allies in central Europe and in the Baltic and Black Sea regions,” the statement said. Health security, climate change, energy security and the global recovery of the economy were mentioned as areas for cooperation.

The statement said, “President Biden expressed his support for strengthening the defense and deterrent position of NATO, as well as increasing the ability of member states to withstand harmful economic and political measures” from “our strategic competitors.” In the end, President Biden stressed the importance of strengthening democracies rz ± dów And the rule of law at home, within the coalition and around the world “- it was written.

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NATO meeting and training in Romania

Romanian President Klaus Iohannes said after the meeting that Russia’s actions in the region are extremely worrying and are exacerbating the climate of insecurity. NATO should reinforce deterrence and defense on the eastern side, from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. As part of the discussion with President Biden, we talked about increasing the military presence of the Allies, including the United States, in Romania and on the entire eastern side – said Klaus Iohannes.

André Duda said after the meeting in Bucharest that recent events showed that NATO must interact continuously, as well as through military exercises. – The ninth meeting in Bucharest was held today at the same time that a large military exercise is taking place here, in Romania, with the participation of 28,000 soldiers from 26 countries of NATO, including the Polish president confirmed that soldiers from Poland carried out with soldiers from the United States With effective aerial action today.

Next week, another exercise called “Steadfast Defender” begins. The third stage was also planned in Romania, and there will also be Poles among the participating soldiers.