While the former president’s lawyer can file an appeal in this case, the court’s decision is final. Consequently, there are no major obstacles to submitting the former president’s financial documents to the New York attorney general’s office. However, it will not be announced.

The case concerns an order from New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance that accounting firm Mazars USA must make available Donald Trump’s 2011-2019 tax returns for 2011-2019 under penalty of perjury. The Republican had been fighting this memo for months, in an effort to prevent Vance from accessing information about his finances.

Monday’s Supreme Court ruling was in federal law in response to a suggestion put forward by Donald Trump last October. In July, he suffered a severe setback when the US Supreme Court ruled that his claim that he was protected with immunity from investigation while in office was unfounded. However, the judges allowed the then president to file reservations in lower courts about the extent of the prosecutor’s office’s access to his documents.