The United States intends to halt construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. President Joe Biden intends to appoint Amos Hochstein as the special representative to halt construction of the pipeline.

US President Joe Biden plans to assign Amos Hochstein to talks about halting construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Amos Hochstein, 48, has worked on gas issues for many years as an expert. Until October last year, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian company Naftogaz. In his statements, he proved that he is opposed to the Nord Stream 2. Project, he said, “would threaten the economic stability of Ukraine” or “deepen the division between East and West.” The responsibilities of Amos Hochstein for his eventual new job have yet to be transferred by the media. However, it is known that he will bear a large burden of difficult negotiations with Berlin. By mid-May, the State Department is required to submit a new list of entities subject to US sanctions. As is known informally, the German government has made several offers aimed at facilitating Washington’s policy towards Nord Stream 2. Among them are trade agreements and increased investments in green energy in Ukraine.

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